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Like most writers, I write articles from time to time. Most of the ones here are relatively old, as my motivation to research and write is a bit low these days and my journalist side is mostly taken up with my occasional work for SFist. But, here are a few samples of things I’ve done.

  • Lencois” This is a travel article that originally appeared in International Living magazine.
  • Venerated Business Degrees Not Guaranteeing Glitzy Gigs” – Originally appeared in the Midwest Business Review.
  • 401 Edmands Road, Framingham.” For a while when I lived in Boston, I made some side money by writing home profiles for the MetroWest TAB, a local paper. It wasn’t exciting writing, but it was fun work; I got to visit some really interesting, old, and (invariably) expensive houses.

I’ve also done the requisite restaurant and music reviews – it seems like anyone with a keyboard was doing that in the early 2000s, before food and music blogging really took off. Most of that experience and style practice made its way into Burritophile.