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Jon’s Place – Introduction

In the fall of 2000 I took a short story writing class at the Harvard Extension School. The class was the second fiction class I’d taken in my life; the first was during my freshman year of college, when I really should not have been allowed near a keyboard. I really enjoyed the Harvard class; my final project was a short story that didn’t really end after I was thirty pages in.

Over the next two years I kept working on it, hating it, stopping, starting again, and, finally, finishing it off in late 2003. I tried going with the traditional publishing route for a few months and got a bit discouraged. Rather than give up completely, I decided to publish it bit-by-bit online as a blog and see if anyone noticed.

A few people did. Then a few more, and after a little bit of time, I had a steady readership of a couple hundred people, and every now and then I got a nice email telling me how much someone liked my story. Pretty neat.

That original site is gone – overwhelmed by comment spam. But I still have the story, and here it is. I was calling it Guy Stuff but I really like the first name better: Jon’s Place. Click the picture below to start reading; I hope you enjoy it!

Jon's Place