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Wrapping up 2014


December 31, 2014 by Dan

When I look at this year (and this site), it sorta looks like a blog-free year, doesn’t it?

Funny thing – I’ve owned this domain and have been blogging on it for ten years now. It started as a place to put my first-ever long piece. A novel, really. I put it down here as a serial, using a now-defunct blogging engine, and through it I gained a little bit of an audience, met some folks, and really felt like a creative writer.

I used the momentum from that to apply for grad school, where I met my lovely wife and wrote my second novel.

This year, I started my third real one, a sequel to the second, and spent most of my writing energy working on that. This site lay pretty fallow.

What I’m really not sure of is whether or not I really enjoy blogging; I have opinions about things, but I’m not particularly interested in opining about a specific subject like politics or environmentalism or the weather, and that’s what blogs seem to have become: worldwide hyper-focused hybrids of opinion and journalism. They used to be a good way to gather news, but for that there’s Twitter and the old-school newsletters (I read NextDraft, and it’s become my primary source for news. That and the New Yorker).

But I’m not going to give up this site. If I do get an audience for other things, I’ll probably have to have some sort of Web presence, and here is as good as any.


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