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November 26, 2014 by Dan

Sludging through the editing this morning, and I’ve managed to spend a total of an hour and a half

  • Staring at ridiculous internet stuff
  • Editing two lines of writing
  • Realizing that I had no idea what the username and password was for this blog, going to find them, then realizing I had no idea what the login page was (I hid it due to annoying hackers), going in via file manager, deleting my hide-login plugin, resetting my password, and finally getting in
  • Realizing that I should be documenting my editing process here because then at least I’m typing

So that’s what I’ve done. Longest this website has ever gone without an update, but I’m still alive and kicking, trying to keep the writing life going whilst working away in the middle of the biggest tech boom this city has seen in a while. I’ll try to be better here. Honest.

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  1. Marylouise says:

    Re: poo packs left in parking lots.A friend of mine saw a couple park, then drop a soiled diaper on the ground at a store. He guessed they co9lun&#3d;t be bothered to carry it up to the front door where the garbage can was. When they got out of the store, they found the diaper and its contents smeared all over their windshield.

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