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Maxing out


February 20, 2014 by Dan

I’ve often thought that I don’t really have a theoretical maximum, in the sense that if I just stayed awake long enough, I’d be able to do practically infinite number of things. These past couple of weeks…well, I think I’ve proven that I’m not quite that tough.

I got the idea for a new story about two weeks ago; it’s called A Murder on the Facebook Bus, and I’m writing the crap out of it. Nearly 20,000 words in two weeks, and that’s including four days off. That’s on top of doing my full-time job, getting as much exercise as I can, and (for the past three days) handling the emotional aftermath of a death in the family and some other dramas. Oh, and helping out my lovely wife on some freelance writing assignments.

That’s about all I can handle. But the next week is looking just as…fun? I want to

  • Put a teaser for Perplexing Problem on Medium
  • Write a couple of drafts for Do Stuff Well
  • Take the car in for a recall appointment
  • Run thirty miles
  • Finish reading two books

I think it’s possible, but…man, that’s a lot. As I sit here, in my big chair, I think I’m maxed out.


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