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Landing in Hobart on a cold day


December 29, 2013 by Dan

We flew to Hobart on a Saturday morning. Most of the people whom I knew in Sydney, upon hearing that we were headed to Tasmania, said something along the lines of “Tassie? Why the (expletive) would you go there?” My answer was always a bit incomplete – I didn’t really know why I wanted to go to Tasmania, other than that it was the wildest state in Australia, with the weirdest animals, and one of the only spots with Actual Mountains. But I hadn’t been there, so it was tough to really explain.

First Tasmania tip – when you land, go directly to the rental car counter, and get your luggage after. Everyone else on your flight will be renting a car, so if you wait, you are going to wait some more. A bit of a walk, a bit of adjustment to left-side driving, and twenty minutes on the road later, we were in Hobart, checking out the famous Saturday Salamanca Market. The weather was terrible:

I mean, it was really bad. Spritzing rain, 48 degrees, and we were starving. Luckily, the Market is kind of a catch-all for everything. Mash up a farmer’s market, a craft fair, and a food truck gathering, and that’s what you’ve got. It all happens down on the waterfront in Hobart, and after we’d had a kebab and gotten our wits about us, we were very happy to explore.

And a fun exploration it was! Lots of wonderful looking vegetables:

And countless food stalls (we didn’t try this one):

We met an author who was signing her books, and saw many teenage busker kids playing the guitar. We bought cheese, wine, pasta, and other vegetables. The rain continued, the wind picked up, and it was coming up on two o’clock.

“Hey,” we said to each other. “Instead of trying to do anything, why don’t we go back to our Airbnb, hang out, read books, and make dinner?

Best idea ever.

Our little AirBnb (you can read about it here), had a wonderful little kitchen:

And a little coffee table, upon which we made a snack:

And an old fireplace that had been converted to an electric heater. The rain continued outside, but inside we were cozy, full of great food, and happy as a harvested shellfish. Tasmania was looking good so far!

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