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Out and about in Sydney – Beaches and Bays


December 16, 2013 by Dan

Sydney is drop-dead gorgeous, even when it’s shrouded in rain and fog. For most of our time there, that was the state of it – rainy, foggy, cool, humid. It’s been kind of a thing with us this year – everywhere we’ve gone, the rain has followed us around like a slightly annoying little cousin who constantly says things that make you uncomfortable. Or something like that.

I was lucky enough to have my co-worker Josh volunteer to take us around on an almost-sunny Saturday. He had a car (bonus!). Actually a convertible car (double bonus!) and we cruised all over, starting on a beach with a Sleepy Hollow-ish entrance through (I think) gum trees.

Gum trees

From there we went to the world-famous Bondi Beach, which was full of pretty people, surfers, and this oddly named van.

Nice van title, Bondi beach

I wanted to ask them what the deal was with that – the Slacker Life website doesn’t really have anything that would indicate what the van was for. Also, there was a burrito joint.

Probably not the best...

We did not go. Instead we went to Bronte Beach, named after the prominent literary folk. Of course, we had to ham it up at the park sign:

Dan, Julie, Bronte park

And then sat down for a lovely plate of chips and a beer at a cafe that looked out over the bay. The bay looks like this:
Placid Bronte bay

Not bad work if you can get it.

Our last stop was at Balmoral, where there sits a statue of Billy the dog. He belonged to a local street sweeper, and he accompanied the man to work every day for seventeen years. The community so loved the dog that they built a statue for him after he died.


Sad, kinda. But very evocative.

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