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Cleanup, and a new website!


September 22, 2013 by Dan

Apocrypha for the day:

  • Just got back from the foothills for a weekend wedding. It poured on Saturday. That’s earlier than I ever remember it raining in California. Global weirding, indeed.
  • I’m now old enough that going down on the dance floor during “Shout” definitely makes my knees creaky.
  • Also, stamping on the floor like a Riverdancer during “Some Nights” by Fun. That hurts.
  • Weddings are still fun. None is as fun as mine was, but I think that everyone would say that in the first person.

And, lastly, shameless plug. I’m writing/have put together a new topical site: Do Stuff Well. It should be fairly self-explanatory, but it’s my little way of trying to make the world a slightly friendlier, better place.


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