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Elmore Leonard


August 20, 2013 by Dan

Oddly, I was never a huge Elmore Leonard reader while he was alive. I read, I think, Get Shorty because I really dug the movie, but never really dove into what he had done. I read all around him – Hammet, McBain, McDonald, Child…perhaps it’s time to delve into his oevre just a little bit.

Quiet here because I’ve started a new job (good!) and am putting together a new website – it’s a perhaps-childish thing, but I’m having fun spinning up some posts and some thoughts that are directed, rather than the undirected mess that is this almost-eight-years-old personal site. That’s OK. Having a place to spin your wheels in a semi-public way isn’t so bad.

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  1. Gordos says:

    Both those comments are spot on, I think, but there is an even more dsrsepeing possibility, which I see in my hometown library.A new library was completed just six months ago. It has twice the square footage as the old one, but about the same amount of space for books, some of it empty. The remainder is taken up by spaces for “teen activities”, community meeting spaces, special event rooms and a lot more computer stations for internet access. That’s what libraries have become, community centers with books. But here’s the nut: when someone takes an almost new, lightly read, hardcover book in excellent condition, which is not in the collection though it has been requested by patrons and is a popular seller, the library puts it directly into the library sale room. Seems there is a policy that only books authorized by the purchasing librarian for the county and purchased by them can be put on the shelves of any library..So though it would be of very little administrative cost to add the book to the collection, they will not do so. Naturally, these books sell for cheap.

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