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Leaving WordPress?


July 31, 2013 by Dan

This site has been running on WordPress for nearly eight years; WP has gone from v 1.0 to Dominating the World, and I’ve been clunking along on it, hacking around with php, changing themes, etc.

But I’m thinking about migrating it to Squarespace. For simplicity. There’s a certain cost in maintaining, upgrading, and figuring out WP problems (right now, I can’t get a banner to work up top, because I can’t upload any pictures to the WP media library. I have no idea why. I could mess with settings and .htaccess and such, but every time I do that I bring the site completely down), and I think I’m getting tired of them.

BUT – maintaining my own WP installation does give me a certain amount of credibility…and, given what I do professionally, that credibility is sometimes helpful.

So…for now, stasis.

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  1. Raphael says:

    Yeah, be careful about moving to squarespace – they’re elegant and pretty, but also closed-source and proprietary. If you want to do something their layouts and features don’t support, you’re SOL. And there’s no developer community out their building plugins to extend the functionality.

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