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Corporate busses, who runs ‘em?


May 10, 2013 by Dan

Corporate busses are a thing in San Francisco. I’m not going to comment here on whether they’re a Good Thing or a Bad Thing – I’m probably too close to that argument. But what I did start thinking about when I was going for my morning run today was…

How come nobody has come up with a list of all the companies that run shuttles?

Then, I realized that I am the guy who decided to document all the police agencies who can arrest you in San Francisco. I’m probably the guy to do this. Please note that this list is just from inside my head and what I’ve seen. If there are more, add them in the comments and I’ll update. Fair?

  1. Google – Big white busses, run by SFO shuttle
  2. Apple – Big gray busses, not sure who runs them
  3. Facebook – Big white or blue busses, run by SFO shuttle
  4. Genentech – Branded, so you’ll always know who they are
  5. LinkedIn – Just graduated to big ones, run by Bauer’s, I think.
  6. Electronic Arts – Big branded Bauer’s busses
  7. Yahoo! – Never seen ‘em – they don’t run through my area
  8. eBay – Never seen ‘em.
  9. Cisco – White, functional, SFO shuttles
  10. Box – Large blue busses
  11. Dropbox – New kids on the block – just saw their small Bauer’s airport-rental-car-size shuttle the other day

That’s what I’ve seen lately. I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that the guys at Stamen made an amazing map of these busses. It’s already outdated – the big tech companies are all doing it these days.


  1. Aaron says:

    Dropbox has a shuttle service within SF? That is weird.

  2. BurritoMOM says:

    In the South Bay, Yahoo uses mid-size Bauer buses between its various locations and the nearest train station.

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