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October 5, 2011 by Dan

Hey, I got married!

I’m writing it here because (paradoxically) very few people read what I’m writing here any more…something I’d like to change, but I’m not sure how at the moment. But anyway, we did tie the knot (no, not theKnot, and I’m thinking about writing a longer “how we did it” piece just for fun. Sometime in the next week or two we’ll change our status on Facebook and post honeymoon photos and start the long process of sending thank you notes.

So many people to thank; it boggles the mind.

This morning in metablogging – it seems that most people who write blogs for a living these days are selling the concept of How To Do Stuff – from JD at Get Rich Slowly to Chris Guillebeau to The Points Guy, it’s all about self-improvement in one way or another. It’s not that I don’t value this – I do (and all three of these are sites I read on a regular basis), but I don’t have much desire to figure out an angle that has yet to be explored. I just like reading and writing about interesting stuff.

In order to do that, I think I need to re-think how this blog is laid out. But that’s for another time. This morning, I’m going to write about other things. Offline, because, well, that’s how I do it.


  1. ej says:

    You linked to the wrong getrichslowly. Change to the .org. The .com is a domain pimp.

  2. Romeo says:

    I’ve read the post with great satisfaction and even could understand something new that I will use for your own additional requirements.

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